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Ashley Slegers

Certified Foot Care Specialist

Licensed Practical Nurse

Business Hours: Monday-Thurday

8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Phone: (605) 651-1362

Fax: (507) 222-8230


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Foot Health



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Lake Benton,


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605 651 1362

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Servicing: Nursing Homes, Group Homes Senior Living, Community Centers, Assisted Living & more.....

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I cannot recommend Forever FootCare enough! I was so embarrassed about my cracked heals and was so nervous, Ashley came right to me in the comfort of my own home, was very professional, and made me feel so relaxed. I have to admit it felt like a spa treatment. She was very informative and even gave home care tips to help keep my feet healthy. 10 out of 10 recommend Ashley!

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Ashley does professional and excellent foot care. She’s very personable and truly cares about her patients.

She is top notch all the way.

You will be very pleased with her.

All the best to Ashley.

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Sarah Nelson

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Ashley is very professional, answers any questions you may have, and has a very easy-going manner. I highly recommend her services.

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Ashley came to my home and thoroughly assessed my aching and calloused feet, educated me on how best to care for them, and treated my feet to making them feel and look so much better! Her services would make great gifts for people in your life who have mobility issues or health care needs, no matter what their age.

Jim Tate



The origin of "Forever FootCare" was fashioned as a tribute to

eternal gratitude.

The significance behind the name lies in her enduring appreciation for the support she receives and the profound privilege she feels in being able to deliver compassionate foot care to her patients.

"Forever FootCare" symbolizes Ashley's unwavering commitment to her vocation, her patients, and the everlasting impact she strives to create in their lives.


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Mission Statement

To enhance lives through compassionate foot care expertise, empowering individuals to step confidently toward optimal foot health and overall wellness.

With a dedication to excellence, we strive to serve our community with integrity and personalized care, ensuring each step is a foundation for a healthier future.

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Ashley Slegers, LPN, CFCS

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashley revels in the joys of family life. Having been married to Gerrit Slegers Jr. since September 2011, she proudly embraces the roles of a devoted wife and a caring mother to three wonderful children—Gerrit III, Theodore, and Natalie.

In the professional sphere,

Ashley Slegers embodies the adage:

"To care for those who once cared for us is one of life's highest honors."

- Tia Walker.

Ashley Slegers, an adept healthcare professional, stands unwaveringly committed to elevating your well-being through her comprehensive foot care expertise. Embarking on her healthcare journey as a Certified Nursing Assistant in 2008, Ashley's passion propelled her toward a diploma in Practical Nursing, a milestone achieved in June 2015. Since obtaining her Practical Nurse license in July 2015, she has consistently delivered top-tier healthcare services.

A pivotal juncture in Ashley's career unfolded during her tenure at Avera Medical Group in Brookings, SD, in 2019, collaborating with podiatrist Tyler Harrell, DPM. This experience ignited her fervor for foot care, inspiring her to bridge the gap in preventative foot care. In June 2021, Ashley earned certification as a Foot Care Specialist through the American Foot Care Nurse Association.

Ashley's unwavering dedication to foot care has been exemplified since February 2020, initially with Avera Medical Group in Tyler, MN, and Marshall, MN. Embracing innovation, she extends her services with in-home visits, surmounting barriers like inclement weather or transportation challenges for the convenience of her clients.

Hailing from Lake Benton, MN, Ashley's core values of integrity, honesty, and humility were nurtured by her grandparents, Jim and Lois Gawerecki, amidst the rigors of farm life. Rooted in this upbringing, she strives to offer a seamless continuum of foot care services. Collaborating seamlessly with healthcare professionals, Ashley actively champions wellness and safety in local communities.

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SALON (Nail Technician)

At Forever FootCare, our approach stands distinct from nail salons. While nail technicians in salons offer pedicures, they often lack the medical expertise necessary to cater to high-risk clients, including those with diabetes or individuals on blood thinners.

Moreover, the sterilization protocols followed by specialized Foot Care Nurses at Forever FootCare align with stringent standards set by the CDC, setting us apart from typical spa settings. Although spa pedicures offer relaxation, they are not advisable for individuals with heightened health risks, as this elevates the potential for infections and complications. Choose Forever FootCare for tailored, medically sound foot care that prioritizes your health and safety.

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PODIATRIST (Foot Doctor)

At Forever FootCare, we believe in transparent and hassle-free service. We operate on a simple self-pay system, ensuring no unexpected bills after your visit. We encourage you to check your coverage options with Medicare and other providers beforehand to ensure you meet the criteria for coverage through your physician, if you attend a providers office for routine foot care. This proactive step could save you from unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses. Trust Forever FootCare for a seamless experience without surprises in your mailbox post-visit.

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Caring for Your Health, Feet First!

Business Hours: Monday-Thurday

8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Phone: (605) 651-1362

Fax: (507) 222-8230


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